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About Johanna

I grew up as an avid lover of the mysteries of life in Biloxi, Mississippi. While pursuing a degree in psychology (BSPsy) from the University of Southern Mississippi and studying movement theory in contact improvisation (CI) I began realizing the much-needed tools of life were not being offered in a college curriculum. After college, I experienced doubt in my career choice in the competitive world of dance which led me to the practice of vinyasa yoga flow, where I began to regard my body as a temple for healing. Along with the teaching of movement  and psychology I began teaching yoga formally in 1996 (YA500T). I have continued exploring the bodies many layers of self realization and earned my degree in neuromuscular therapy (NMT) at the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2002. Having remained more curious than ever about the bodies ability to create its own balance, I began the study in osteopathy (DOMP) in Toronto, Canada in 2017 to deepen my toolbelt.  The many roles within the business of whole health over the last twenty years has fueled my passion for self observation without judgement and will continue to lead not just into my studies but integrating these tools into life as it is.

As an avid student in whole health in the field of yoga psychology, I have worked with various teachers, styles and programs at Massachusetts’ Kripalu Center, Canada, and abroad. My experiences with osteopathy, massage, Pilates, yoga, and group fitness have taught me many tools for building a rewarding life. Allow me to share the skills that I have learnt so that you too, can begin creating your personal “tool belt” of healing. Allow me to share Santosha, which is contentment with what is in our lives.

These types of practices allows you to find happiness, no matter what “outer” circumstances surround us. Having a lasting sense of inner peace, especially when practiced regularly, will positively affect everything in our lives. This gives us the ability to be resilient in the midst of heath issues, economic challenges, and everything else.

Any physical practice is just that physical. Let’s learn and practice together to be “actively calm, and calmly active.” -Paramahansa Yogananda